Privacy Policy takes most care and committed to protect the privacy of our visitors. We are dedicated to provide safe and secure online experience to our visitors by ensuring their privacy over our site.

All information you have shared with us that includes your personal data and information about your individual visits to our site are kept confidential and secure. We don’t disclose these details with any third parties or unknown sources. If it is necessary to disclose these data or information under any inevitable circumstance, we do disclose by abiding to applicable laws. However, we only share aggregate information.

If you register to any third party affiliates or outsiders from our site, the information disclosed by you to them doesn’t fall under our privacy policy. The use of your information by our partners or co-branded or sponsoring sites, which are disclosed by you directly are accessible to both of us and do not comply with our privacy policy. In these instances don’t take responsibility for the privacy of your information.

Information collected from you is used to enhance the services offered by us to the visitors. We may directly send you personalized emails or text messages regarding to our services. Also if you are subscribed to our email subscription you will get daily email updates. The feedback’s, comments,  suggestions, discussions and your personal opinions give by you to us are heartily welcomed by us. However, we may use this information to improve our site or may use it as promotional quote or success stories or in any means. All these information belongs to and you can’t claim any copyright or ownership to this information.